Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mobile Device Security: More than Software

mobile security, sensitive information, data securityWhen it comes to mobile security, everyone is still a little bit in the dark. After all, everyone and their grandma has a Smartphone or tablet right now, but the general public’s information about the true threats to their devices is probably limited to computer viruses or bugs—little things that are automatically corrected with anti-virus software.

There's More to Security

Truth be told, there are more threats out there than the ones that make the news reports. Robert Lemos does a really good job here explaining that ”mobile users—especially those in North America—should worry more about threats.” Insecure communication, lost devices, and development make the top of his list.

What many people overlook is that outside of the dangers of Smartphone software, most people are often lulled into a false sense of security when talking on their mobile phone. They discuss sensitive and private information in public that can be overheard by dozens of people in restaurants, airports, stores, etc.

We’ve got to recognize that the danger isn’t just lurking in our machines. It’s out there and it’s everywhere.

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