Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's The Human Side of Security

Information security is everywhere these days. Just turn on the TV and flip channels for a minute or two. Or click around on some news websites. From government spying to rampant identity theft, this subject has got everyone up in arms—even when they don’t have the whole story.

It’s about time for someone to demystify information security and shine a light through that fog of threats and fears. And it's time for everyone to get a firmer grasp on personal, Internet, and information security threats.

Welcome to the Sight Training blog! We are determined to make the truth about information security accessible to everyone.

Who Are We?

Be aware: we are not computer nerds, and this is not an IT blog for programmers. We are a team of professional security consultants, ethical hackers, and project managers with a background in security awareness and social engineering. The primary risk to businesses is no longer technical hacking, but slick, clever conmen and identity thieves who use regular people to get sensitive information. This is today’s threat, and you need to know how to defend against it.

Our consulting and white-hat social engineering experiences have given us unique insight into information privacy, security, and protection that we want to share with companies, managers, and employees in every sector. Each week, we’ll use this forum to cover the security information that really matters to you, day to day.

We hope to:
  • Provide practical ways to protect yourself, your organization, or the folks you employ.
  • Use the security breaches that make the news as valuable lessons.
  • Inform you about the latest security threats and tactics, and how they really impact businesses and individuals.
  • Give you a place to share, ask questions, and provide insights from your own corporate experience.
We want to bring things down to earth and give people something they can use. Real risks. Real-world scenarios. Real language.

It's the human side of security.